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NWCSA, as a community-based organization, is dedicated to the betterment of life of the low-income residents in its SDA. Wide arrays of programs are offered by way of assistance to alleviate the needs of the disadvantaged. The programs administered by NWCSA include Energy Assistance, Homeless Programs & Services, Food Pantries, TEFAP, WIC, Judicare, RSVP, Free Store, Emergency Assistance, Rental Rehab and others.

The NWCSA service delivery area (SDA) covers the five Northwestern Wisconsin counties of Douglas, Ashland, Bayfield, Iron and Price. The SDA is comprised of primarily a rural population of just over 84,770 individuals (Census Bureau Quick Facts).  Our SDA covers 5800 square miles.

The ongoing mission is to identify, demonstrate, support, strengthen and enrich the quality of life for low income individuals and their communities and to enable low income individuals of all ages to attain the skills, knowledge and motivation that are needed to become self-sufficient.

As a non-profit organization, dedicated to serving the low income of Douglas, Ashland, Bayfield, Iron and Price Counties of Northwestern Wisconsin, we continually strive to improve all programs to meet these needs within communities where we operate.

Northwest Wisconsin Community Services Agency, Inc. (NWCSA) is a private non-profit entity incorporated under Wisconsin Statues on the 16th day of May, 1967 in accordance with the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964.  A 12 member Board of Directors representing community members, low-income individuals and the government sector govern NWCSA. An Executive Director,  appointed by the Board of Directors,  acts on behalf of NWCSA to manage the operations of the organization. NWCSA is a federally funded agency and is also the recipient of State passthrough and local governmental funds.


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